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Our Beginnings... Eel River Kings established in 2018

Thank you to Eel River Kings an organization established in 2018 with the help of Michael Lommori, Meaghan Langer, Dan Osborne, Cory Nunes and Travis Victorine.

They started with a 12/13U team and added a second younger team and played in tournaments in Medford and double headers around the area. Due to covid and players starting American Legion teams the organization went dormant.... Until 2022!

Another group of parents were interested in continuing the legacy of a Humboldt Elite travel baseball. Eel River Kings had graciously offered to donate their remaining funds to start a new league. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep the name as we registered as a Non-Profit and were serving the entire county, but we kept the logo and colors as support of our benefactors.

Players of the original Eel River Kings have continued with their baseball careers in Collage:

Cole Ayala- Montana State University Billings
Nick Dugan- Stanford
Jeran Ford- College of the Redwoods
Matt Letter- Shasta College
Rylan Lommori- Shasta College
Daniel Osborne- Lassen College

If you have any additional information to share about the Eel River Kings please email us at

Thank you again to the original Kings!! Here's to another year of baseball legacy which would not be possibly without your support.

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